“What’s on my desk today?”

A desk is a word that can describe different things for different people. It can be where you work, meet, or create ideas.

MimiToday.com is a lifestyle blog that takes a peek into my evolving “desk” as I seek inspiration and play around with some hobbies of mine- travel and photography.

In June of 2013, I signed a deal to close my social commerce fashion startup, That’s Foxy. We merged with another jewelry startup and I took a personal exit. Time off made sense, even though I wasn’t sure what was next. All I knew was I needed a reset. At around the same time my husband’s tech startup got acquired, making San Francisco our new home.

This journey (err… blog) begins in January of 2014, when I said goodbye to NYC (where I had been for the last 10 years) and hello to San Francisco, California.

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