Baby Liv’s Cozy Safari Themed Nursery

We happily welcomed our baby daughter, Liv to the world recently. Liv was born at 7lbs 8oz. and 19 3/4 inches! My desk will become a lot busier now as a family of three, but we can’t wait! As part of her homecoming, I’m sharing Liv’s nursery, inspired by our safari honeymoon in Africa.

mimitoday nursery DSC_0061

mimitoday nursery DSC_0063

The nursery is gender neutral even though we knew we would have a baby girl. It’s a versatile style (for the next baby!) that made the most sense for us. I also am not a Pink person… don’t judge me!

mimitoday nursery DSC_0074

I focused on textures and small details to give layers to Liv’s nursery. At Faru Faru Lodge, where we stayed, there were 1930s botanist lab references that inspired me to add Erlenmeyer flasks and apothecary jars as useful storage ideas. The jars make perfect containers for q-tips, cotton balls, and pacifiers!


mimitoday nursery DSC_0037

One of my favorite purchases for the nursery was our crib that eventually will convert to a toddler bed. It was not only the perfect style, but it was inexpensive too! Ikea finds are the best. I had searched high and low for a light wood modern (not too modern) crib to match the feel of Faru Faru without overpowering the small space.

mimitoday nursery DSC_0055

I had a few of our photos printed from our honeymoon. Funny story, the tickle feather (LOL) was a gift from my bridal shower that I never got around to using but found it perfect for the baby’s nursery! 🙂

mimitoday nursery DSC_0114

mimitoday nursery DSC_0093

mimitoday nursery DSC_0064

During the trip, we spotted four of the “Big Five” animals (lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard) minus the black rhino. Leopards are one of the most difficult to find in the wild because they’re night predators and during the day hide deep in trees, camouflaged. We were so fortunate to come upon one in a tree. Once the sun had set, the leopard awoke and made its way down the tree like a slithering snake. We watched in amazement and excitement. The DIY idea for the plush leopard over our reading nook came from this exact moment. I kept The Very Hungry Caterpillar installation from my baby shower that my friend created and swapped out the caterpillar to make this piece! You’ll also notice some other trinkets from our shower I kept to incorporate into the room.

mimitoday nursery DSC_0009

mimitoday nursery DSC_0062

mimitoday nursery DSC_0063

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of what’s on Liv’s desk. I can’t wait until she actually gets to sleep in her crib on her own! Also, many thanks to friends who contributed to our nursery by sending us lovely decor gifts from our baby registry!

Photos taken with Nikon D40 

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