Basic Beet Salad

On my desk today: getting back to business– well getting back to my “usual routine and pre pregnancy body” business, starting with food. Try my new salad recipe I whipped up that’s (of course!) quick and easy. I was inspired by the summer beet salads at restaurants (and okay, bikinis). I couldn’t resist a DIY at home when I stumbled upon beets at Trader Joe’s.

mimitoday beet salad

Beet is a whole new thing for me, like an adult thing. I never ate beets growing up (why mom?)! Nor did it look appealing. My first real and memorable encounter with beets was through the pressed juice trend. Although, I think I had the popular beet soup- Borscht before, it  didn’t stand out to me. I mean it is weird I started out in complete reverse with my beets immersion (Borscht and then went to juices) but it worked. I’m a Beeter.  I think this recipe is a good first try for those of you who aren’t yet die hard Beet fans.

Serving size 1 bowl

Salad ingredients: 1-2 Red beets (peeled and boiled), Arugula salad, 2 tbs Feta cheese (I used non fat), 1/2 avocado

Dressing: Olive oil, Pink salt (grounded), Pepper, and Red wine vinegar

mimitoday beet salad DSC_0076

On a side note: I’ve been MIA lately due to this little dumpling named Liv! Also on my desk is getting back to my blog. This has always been my creative outlet so it’s important for me to exercise that part of me daily. The DNA of this blog continues to evolve as I evolve, which has been my intention. It’s who I am and what’s going on in my life TODAY! So for those of you [3] who are followers of this blog, thank you and I hope you keep following and haven’t forgotten about me! 🙂

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