Big News #21Weeks

I know, I’m a bit late with announcing that we’re expecting but we are! I have to admit though, I did enjoy these last 5 months reveling in the news privately with my husband. But now… there’s no hiding my bump, especially when wearing a bikini on the beach!

We really had no idea how we would “announce” but things worked out without much fuss when we were stuck inside our hotel room due to bad weather that day. While I sat there in my bikini and cover up, I noticed how perfectly made the bed was in our hotel room and didn’t want to waste it so I asked him if he could snap a photo of me right then and there. In true fashion, I uploaded it to Instagram immediately. LOL voila, announced.

I’m officially 21 weeks.

Thank you to everyone for sweetly leaving messages on our Facebook and My Instagram. We are grateful for Baby Milan* and your friendship! Many thanks to Four Seasons for making a beautiful bed and my hubby for the iPhone shot.

 *name to be announced at birth #miniMilanComingSoon

Photo taken with iPhone5S 

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Dorothy says:

Love this shot, and the impromtu-ness of it! Can’t wait to meet #miniMilan.