Bump-spiration: What to wear?

I started to think about what I would wear for my baby shower as my girlfriends have been happily sharing their excitement in planning the day! After thinking about this topic, I decided to talk a more about dressing the bump in general and give a few of my own tips on how I’ve managed this growing belly!

I (shamefully) googled “what to wear to your baby shower” because I wanted great ideas but I didn’t have great luck. A few forums had moms sharing “jeans and a sweatshirt, but this year I will wear a tshirt!” (not kidding and they weren’t talking about the #normcore trend) or “long maxi dress” was the typical response.  It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Is there a site that I don’t know about dedicated to fashionable mommy-to-be style inspiration (update: I just found this one)?

I’m stubborn (shocker!) and refusing to buy maternity dresses because most of the styles are NOT what I want (Side note: I’ve managed to get away with non-maternity wear so far, except see below, but I’m not sure how long it will last!) Do I have to wear everything empire waist with a drawstring at the top or sweet pink or blue lace?! Sorry, I’m not sorry for caring to feel good about being double digits heavier and curvier.

I can’t help that I want to still dress in my style.

I’m having a baby! Not style amnesia.

For the baby shower, I want to come presentable and ready to get drunk on non-alcoholic joy. Here are a few top bump-spiration styles for my day:

It’s been a challenge I hear all to often with moms-to-be that they have a hard time styling the bump unless they force themselves to go to Pea in a Pod or Mimi’s Maternity (great name by the way) and look matronly. Where can we find great style inspiration for pregnancy? I’ve been resorting to Instagram or when WhoWhatWear does a round up. My girlfriend, fellow mum-to-be style maven, Eva Chen, shared to me that one of her fav maternity jeans were from Topshop.  Let me mention how cute and bright she looked at her own baby shower recently!  Because of her, I now own a few pairs of skinny maternity jeans (omg they’re so comfortable!) as mamma to be gifts! I love the indigo James Jeans! The belly band goes all the way over your belly and hugs it tightly so it gives support and fashion.  I’m living in these right now because they make my legs look super skinny  🙂 !

A few places I’ve enjoyed shopping at and recommend are H&M,  Zara and ASOS. I’m sure we shop there anyway (budget-nistas) on a regular basis but for me, even more so now that I’m pregnant.  I love that you don’t have to spend too much on these items that are only for short term.  Another favorite with fashion moms is Hatch, I think its great for basics but still not enough dressy options for me or their clothes definitely feel pregnant to me.  I know you’re probably thinking, “but you are!??”  I think the better way to put it is that I love being pregnant, but I just want to still dress as I’ve always dressed if I can. I opt not to make maxi dresses the dress code because it makes me feel bigger. It’s just a personal choice.

#DressingTheBump vs. #StyletheBump

On Instagram I see the hashtag: #DressingTheBump and #StyleTheBump. The difference is one is dressing to fit your bump and the other is dressing to fit your bump in a stylish way? My guess.

What do all these ladies have in common?

They’re styling their bumps. I believe they’ve managed to find clothing that is not maternity wear. Instead they experimented with pieces that work with their new figure in a new cut or size. These ladies don’t hide their bumps but accentuate the bump while still on-trend and flattering the rest of their body.

5 Tips to Style the Bump:

  1. It’s all in the mind. We may be feeling bloated, uncomfortable, tired, gas-y because we are very pregnant but we don’t have to look as if we’re uncomfortable with our growing bodies! Do not make the excuse that you have nothing to wear or don’t care. Parachutes are not acceptable to our beautiful growing belly. Make your bump the best accessory to sport proudly while you have it!
  2. Think outside the box. We don’t have to just stick to empire waist styles!  Sparingly use belts to try to make an empire waist out of every outfit!  Instead, go for elastic waistbands and stretchy material because they’re just as friendly during pregnancy (the huggier the better in my opinion hehe).  Less structured pieces or fabrics with spandex are friendlier to pregnant women.

    my three “S”- Swing, Smock, Shift 

    dresses are a go-to always. Also try trapeze shape tops.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m very careful with Maxi dresses because with the belly, it can make me look larger. If you go for a longer length, break up the sections. Try a maxi dress (I know that varicose veins and swollen ankles could be a reason to wear maxis) that gives you a waist and make sure the length doesn’t drag on the floor.  See Eva in photo below for an A+ look or in my cover photo, I’m wearing my version of a maxi from our recent babymoon.

  3. Don’t be afraid to shop in regular Women’s section. I choose and try on pieces a couple of sizes bigger.  My friend, Angela, tells me,

    “That way I can wear it while pregnant, and then I just tailor it back down to size after pregancy to wear again.”

  4. Embrace the oversized look for sweaters during the fall / winter months. Pair your oversized sweaters with skinny jeans or skinny pants and add a heel. Lucky for you, sweatshirts and sweatpants have also made a come back on the #normcore trend and can work with our bodies.  Think less college sweatshirts and something more like this. This will keep you from looking like you just rolled out of bed.
  5. Invest in shoes that are comfortable but fashionable. NYC trained me to walk in heels. I’ve racked up long and arduous hours on my shoe resume that allow me to still rock them effortlessly while pregnant (haha like its a walk in the park). Of course this isn’t the everyday look I’m suggesting but definitely for a night out. Maybe kitten heels or a block heel can be your compromise if you’re not really into heels or if cankles appear. For daytime, thank gosh there’s a sneaker craze going on! I have these from Gap that go with everything.

Trend to try:

The popular Bardot (aka off-the-shoulder) trend that you’ve seen everywhere lately is a trend that’s perfect for mums-to-be. This trend adds subtle sexiness while being classy. Be careful to not overdo this trend- I know we love it but not every thing in your wardrobe has to fall off your shoulders for this season (*raising hand*, guilty, le sigh)!


Photo credit: Adam Katz Sinding of Eva Chen in Altuzarra

More of my favorites for your bump-spiration:

Questions from my desk to mums out there:

Q. Where do you shop or find inspiration to style the bump?
Q. Or an idea on what I should wear to my baby shower?
Q. Any other style tips?

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