Come Away with Me: Calistoga

I keep pushing it with “one more trip” before I go into labor! I couldn’t imagine not celebrating our 6th year anniversary (when we started dating) and Valentine’s, especially when there are options like Calistoga, an area of Napa, known for its natural springs and mud baths. Unfortunately, we found out that it’s not advised for pregnant women to participate. I decided to still keep with our plans and at least get away for the weekend to explore the town. I know what you’re thinking, what else is there to do when you’re in wine country but drink?!

Well, there’s eating and watching your husband drink. I admit, I took some sips but it’s really not as fun. This makes 4 times I’ve gone to Napa in the past year not drinking– ironic that the year I’m pregnant I go to Napa more times than ever.

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This post is dedicated to those that can’t drink but still want to enjoy Napa. It’s possible. And you’ll realize there are so many different areas and activities of Wine Country to explore!

I booked several restaurants ahead of time I wanted to try, and also found a cute bed and breakfast with a pool in the heart of Calistoga called Mount View.  Calistoga is “known for rejuvenation,” my husband said. Well we were determined to feel rejuvenated even if we couldn’t get pampered. Mount View has basic and affordable accommodations. I wouldn’t book here though if we’re going for a spa experience. What I did like though is that every morning the hotel will serve you a complimentary continental breakfast delivered to your room! Score! Breakfast in bed, and neither of us had to cook it. 🙂

calistoga mimitoday swim

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My husband took me to a popular winery known for its bbq, deli, and picnic grounds called V Sattui for lunch. The deli is packed, but so cute, full of yummy desserts and snacks to take home. I suggest spending some shopping time there after lunch. Tip- wear picnic friendly clothes!

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Here’s a winery, Raymond, that is just fun to check out because of its quirky decor.

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Another wonderful activity is to take the gondola at Sterling Vineyards to the top and enjoy the expansive view of Napa while doing your (my husband’s) unique, one of a kind wine tasting experience.



 Restaurants we enjoyed:

  • Calistoga Kitchen
  • The Farmer and The Fox
  • Cindy’s Kitchen

More activities in Calistoga:

  • spa massages (or baths if you’re not pregnant)
  • antique furniture shops
  • farmer’s market (on Saturday)
  • cooking classes (here are several options)
  • hot air balloon ride

mimitoday calistoga DSC_0112

Don’t forget to do one uber tourist-y thing- take a pic with the Napa Valley sign! 

photo 11 mimitoday calistoga


We were so grateful for this last weekend away before Mini Milan comes. She’s really coming soon!!! I’m still in shock that it’s a little over two more weeks until we meet our baby. This has been such a crazy year with all the changes, and more changes!

Celebrating our 6 years together was special this time around because it is our last as a family of two.  Last year it was about the first of as a newlywed. Wow how time has flown by. When I sleep next to my husband, I can’t help but just look at him with giddiness and think, how lucky am I to have someone to love and to be loved by someone like him (never tell him I confessed this)! I get to share wonderful experiences with him like this one and plan for more together.

As our trip came to an end and we drove back to San Francisco, we felt content to head home and continue nesting. And yes, we feel rejuvenated and ready for the next journey that’s around the corner! Life is about to change and my desk is about to get super messy lol! Ahhh.

What did you do for the long weekend?

More photos from our trip:

 Photos taken with iPhone and Nikon D40 

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