DIY Holiday Wreaths with Grace!

If I can imagine my ideal transition to suburbia / mom / Pinterest / crafting life, this would be it!  I pulled my sister, who was in town from Austin, to spend our Saturday doing a bit of DIY. My talented friend Grace Kim hosted this holiday get together in her gorgeous, chic, and new San Francisco place (take a tour here too).  As if this invite couldn’t have been better, while we crafted, champagne was passed around and her dream boat boyfriend (Grace’s word I just learned to describe awesome significant others) made Shashuka for us to snack on! See how our first time wreaths turned out….

Planning the perfect party, whether day or night, starts with the venue. We felt at home and cozy in Grace’s charming new apartment, down the street from where I live! Many thanks for allowing us to make a mess in it! I was obsessed with her decor finds. I couldn’t believe most of her goods were under $20 from Pottery Barn and West Elm employee sample sales.

What an inspiration and reminder that style is not defined by labels or price tags. It’s having patience, attention to detail, love for quality, and above all, taste. My favorite decor method she used was mixing and layering rugs. I’m a huge fan of this and planned to do this in Mini Milan’s play area!

2014-11-29 13.41.05

And now to the wreaths!

Once we picked our poison of choice, champagne or water (wahhh!), we jumped right into wreath making.

Step 1: Pick what size wreath to make with the different wreath ring sizes available. You can find these at a local craft or hardware store.

2014-11-29 15.12.30

Step 2: Choose from an abundance of  holiday eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, China berries, pine fir, Douglas fir, rosemary, and cedar available at your local wholesale flower market. Grace scored a table full of goodies for under $50 for this day project. The rosemary came from her friend’s yard!

Step 3: Use green floral tape to wrap and bundle pieces together and use green wire and pliers to bind your leaves to the wreath ring.

2014-11-29 15.09.32

I had never made wreaths from scratch (my home one only consists of a DIY bow) so I was nervous but in the end, I realized you can’t go wrong in this project. Just keep adding green when in doubt.

The more the merrier!

I finished mine within an hour but I work pretty quick when it comes to crafting.  I would estimate to set aside a couple of hours for this project, not counting set up or clean up. I call my wreath “Berry Holiday!”My finished wreath!

Everyone’s turned out unique and different! I loved each one so much!

These natural wreaths will leave your home smelling holiday ready! Since I already had a wreath on my door, I used mine as an additional decor piece hung in my home on my balcony door handle. My sister was so sweet to give me hers which I placed on my dining room table as a centerpiece under my center vase. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember how lonely the table sat. Doesn’t my sister’s wreath also look great with my bump 🙂 ?

2014-11-29 16.30.06

2014-11-29 15.43.14

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to add this easy project to your desk! They’ll make great gifts for your friends or home!  Cheers to kicking off the holiday season!

If you try this project, show me! #Whatsonmydesktoday 🙂

Photos taken with Nikon D40

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