Erica Domesek, PS: I Made This… & More

Take a tour of our generation’s amazing DIY queen, Ms. Erica Domesek’s desk today. Have you ever wonder what these craft geniuses’ closets looked like? I’ll tell you. There are pens in every color and style (some are the write and sniff kind I bet), custom gold tools to create and snip materials into magic, and a collection of glitter and beads that rival a Dylan’s Candy Store.

There were moments of temptation for me to swallow beads while hanging out at PS: I MADE THIS space in Lower East Side Manhattan. They looked so dang good.

I love Erica’s office, just as much as I love Erica’s energy. Her desk matches her: colorful, vibrant, and excessive. The more the merrier when it comes to Erica! When we are together, I fail to keep up with her. I tend to let Erica do the talking while I marvel at her ability to ask me 100 questions before I get past the “hello”. ūüôā I can’t quite talk as fast, answer as fast, or think as fast. The typical feeling I leave with after hanging out is numbness. I mean it in a good way, like an unexpected visit from a fairy who takes it upon herself to sprinkle magical fairy dust all over you before sending you on your way. Once she disappears and you’re able to catch your breath, you think, “what just happened?!” but you don’t really care because it all felt random, cool, and exciting. That’s the best way I can explain this unicorn of creativity.

I couldn’t imagine Erica doing anything other than being a creator of beautiful things.

Erica makes the world a more delightful place. She gives us endless inspiration from the projects she makes and shares with everyone on her website. ¬†I am in awe each time I see what she comes up with- like how the heck did she think of that! Her work is original and authentic. Even if I’m not attempting her projects, I love looking at them. ¬†One of her projects I did do was make¬†digital printed gem¬†earrings ¬†as party favors for my 30th birthday party themed 1950s! I created 20 different earring styles by finding an assortment of gems to piece together into an entirely new earring set. Each one was unique depending on the personality of who I was making it for. My girlfriends wooed over them. They were a hit!



In between all of this, Erica juggles¬†partnerships, tv shows, and book¬†tours.My copy of her recent, P.S. – You’re Invited sits beautifully on my coffee table! ¬†The next Martha Stewart? I hear that a lot and I bet she does too!¬†It’s in her stars and glitter and beads, I believe it!

How did Erica start?

She left her job as a set stylist as her side project, the blog, took off! What’s really cool is she’s been able to own the fashion DIY scene. She had a clear vision, audience, and unique brand.¬†And one thing she always tells me,

she works damn hard.

I can only imagine how many paper cuts or fingers she glued together to have her brand take off.

Photos taken with Nikon D40

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