Last Minute Holiday Table Setting

Quick! Running out of time? Let’s put the final touches to your Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m sharing my last minute Holiday Table Setting for your dinner party if you don’t have one yet. This will take little time but still add all the glee for your guests!

My husband and I will be hosting my family for Thanksgiving here in San Francisco this year. They are alll flying in today and I can’t wait! I made sure to put up our Holiday decor early so that the home felt warm and full of cheer for my parents. They recently lost the home I grew up in since I was 4 in a tragic fire.

Last night I realized our dining room needed some love too. I had completely forgotten about the dining room since I couldn’t find a centerpiece that I loved while I had shopped for decor. I began to think of ways I could add holiday cheer to our lonely dining table without spending too much money or time. I decided napkins would do the trick. It could jazz up the table in a simple way.

No fancy chargers, fancy gold cutlery, or stacks of china needed.


HOW TO SET A LOVELY TABLE (soon my table will have food instead of my usual vases):

1. I went out to Pier 1 Imports to get fabric napkins (you may have these at home already). I bought 2 styles because they did not have enough of one style but I am glad that it turned out that way (mixing fabrics will add more depth to your table). Scrunch your napkins accordion style on your plate. Side note: I am a fan of simple, clean, white plates, no patterns or colors. I find them to be more versatile for all occasions and classic for years to come.




2. Use twine, ribbon, or baby leaf boxwood garland like I did to cinch the waist of the napkin (can I even say that when it comes to table decor?). I had this garland originally for another idea but it didn’t work out so I was glad to not waste it after all.  The garland is easy to cut and twist into any shape or form like twisty ties.



3. Use kraft paper (I had mine left over from another project), construction paper, stationary, or wrapping paper to write “Thanks”, “Cheers,” “Happy”, or your guest’s name. Cut them nicely and then tuck them into the garland at an angle. No hole punching needed!


You’re done. That’s it!



Have a Happy Thanksgiving, from the desk of Mimi Today!

Make sure to check back for my upcoming Home for the Holidays post where I’m sharing our Christmas decor! Maybe you’ll be inspired! I promise, it won’t be a traditional Christmas look 😉

Photos taken with Nikon D40

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