Meet Coco

Introducing my niece, Coco (real name, Chloe, but, of course, I had to make my own nickname for her). Coco is 6 months old. She’s the sweetest and most spirited ham you’ll ever meet. She’s full of life and she has given my husband and me a new hobby- her.

Things I’ve learned with Coco:

  • We’re even more ready than ever to start family planning!
  • She sleeps the fastest when she gets the boob (not mine of course!)
  • When she sees my husband, she’s completely focused on him and his thick framed¬†glasses
  • She enjoys messing with an iPhone guitar app that mimics the strings and notes on a guitar
  • She smiles and laughs so much when she sees me (VIDEO MUST SEE!)
  • She loves it when I rock her to sleep for a nap in my arms

Photos taken with iPhone5s

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