Mia & Libby, The Coast Guard Inn

Every morning the comical inn keeper at The Coast Guard Inn, Mia, will greet you with a few “…because I’m a Jewish mother…” jokes. If these jokes don’t amuse you, it’s okay because Mia’s other talent is making you a hot and delicious breakfast.


Mia has owned this unique bed and breakfast for more than 18 years. Each morning, her desk is her kitchen counter. She uses a trusty KitchenAid mixer to whip up pastries for the guests with her long-time sous chef, Libby the pup, next to her. Mia is always cautious Libby’s greeting the guests rather than eying the food.

Mia has a collection of vintage plates she’s collected over the years which she uses as china for her breakfasts. It adds a nice and homey touch. On the first day, she made us an egg and spinach quiche and then the next day we had her homemade oatmeal. Guests come, sit, meet one another, and devour. Sometimes, like I did, they ask for seconds.

I madly fell in love with her persimmon bread. Fresh and local persimmons (organic of course!)– I’ve never tasted anything better. Have you ever had such a thing? I wrestled Mia for the recipe. This is bread you’ll want to cheat with on your no-carb diet.

Tip: If you’re too lazy to bake your own bread, try the Zucchini bread at Trader Joe’s! It’s a great runner up!

I had always thought it would be awesome to wake up and roll out of bed to get to work. Then I realized after starting my own company from my apartment, it was more challenging than it sounded. Yes, it’s great to only walk a few footsteps to your desk, but the trick was motivating yourself to get there. I found that the only way to do this was to love what you do or else you could keep on snoozing in bed without anyone pushing at you to “get up”!

I know without a doubt that nothing brings Mia more joy than her mornings. She gets to shine and she does it in a place she calls both home and work. Thanks Mia for letting us into your desk, we had a fantastic time in the North Coast (see separate post). One word to describe Mia’s desk I toured,



Photos taken with Nikon D40

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