New Kid on the Block: Jordan Porter

Nuts are not allowed in our house. After meeting my husband about 6 years ago, I stopped eating nuts (for the most part) and keeping any products with nuts in the house. It’s too dangerous with his nut allergy to risk it. But all rules are meant to be broken, right? That’s what happened when Jordan Porter introduced me to her Nola Bars. I snuck a box home and kept them hidden from my husband! Keep reading to tour her desk and get her Grain-Free Carrot Cake Muffins recipe too!

Jordan hand bakes each one of these bars for your pleasure. There’s so many gooey goodness in each bar that I’ll let her tell you more about them in a bit. First, let me just tell you why I’m so attracted to her as an entrepreneur. Yeah, I know, she’s super cute and mega stylish in her refined, sophisticated, simple yet chic style (this must be due to her being a former fashion editor at Canada’s largest fashion magazine), but there’s more to it guys.

Jordan is the New Kid on the Block (Quinky dink that there really is a Jordan from New Kids on the Block boy band)! This is her first upstart in an industry far removed from the fashion industry she came from, plus she’s living in a brand new city.

How did she even know where to start?

“…once I just JUMPED everything worked itself out and has continued to to do so as I grow and evolve.”

nola bars jordan mimitoday DSC_0070

The idea didn’t come as an epiphany one night. Nola Bars had a different start. She calls it procrastination but I like to think of it differently. Jordan took her time. She spent countless hours perfecting her recipe in her own kitchen. She got it right. Then she found the courage to go for it starting with a website and then tapped into local grocers to sell her all natural bars. When they reordered, something clicked.

“Nola really came out of a personal necessity. After struggling with digestive issues for most of my life, I adopted a paleo-type diet about 4 years ago and found that I didn’t have any grab-and-go snacks that I approved of, both ingredient and taste wise.”  

On her business

Q: What makes Nola Bars special or different than what’s on the market today?

Nola, aside from being soy-free, syrup-free and grain/gluten-free, is baked fresh to order and delivered right to your door. You will know exactly what day your batch was baked on (because good food should be fresh!) and the path it took to your door… oven, box, doorstep. that’s it! I’d say 99% of the other bars out there sit on warehouse floors for months at a time… fresh and healthy? Don’t think so.

Q:  Tell me a few fuck ups you’ve had starting this company

Oh gosh, you rarely get anything right on the first try… heck, often not on the 4th try! From packaging, sales, distribution etc… but the most important thing is to try. There’s always room in the future for change. 
 Q: What’s next for nola bars? new flavor? shipping expansion?
We are in Kickstarter-planning mode so we can expand the Nola love in regards to our product line and our distribution. We’ll keep you posted on when that will launch:) 
Q: Who or what advice has helped you the most in building your company?
My husband! He is my biggest cheerleader, my coach and my sounding board. As an entrepreneur himself, he knows what it’s like and how to push me to make the best possible business decisions. I’m pretty lucky. 

Q. Where is your desk?

A tiny nook in my living room that looks west every evening to the SF sunset….

and a makeshift desk at a commercial kitchen where all the baking magic happens 😉

On her style

Q: What are you wearing?

Moving over to a chef’s life has changed my wardrobe quite a bit… I’m surprised I’m not in sweatpants in this picture! I love Paige denim and these are one of my many pairs, Vans sneakers and this is an oldie but a goodie Zara sweater. The bracelets are a collection of gifts from those who are near and dear to me and when I’m not in the kitchen they are always on my wrist.  

Checking out her desk, I also noticed her work bag of choice is this beautiful Celine carry all tote. I would agree it’s the perfect tote for toting around her bars for delivery and everything else she may need that day!

nola bars jordan mimitoday DSC_0094


Q. Who cuts your hair?

Mike Page at Mike Page Salon [San Francisco]. 

nola bars jordan mimitoday DSC_0069

Q. Who designed your home?

My husband has the eye, I have the stellar online shopping skills so we make a pretty good team.

Umm, isn’t her home fabulous? So fresh and so clean. Of course I’m in love with it because it’s black and white. We have that in common for sure!

nola bars jordan mimitoday DSC_0006

Some of her cool objects:

Fun Fact: Her husband created that wall of logs! And her couch is from Ikea!

Make Jordan’s Grain-Free Carrot Cake Muffins,

adapted from her Paleo Carrot Cake!

Click to save!

carrot cake muffin mimitoday

I had an awesome time hanging out with Jordan and seeing what was on her desk when she let me invade her space. I’ve been grateful for Jordan in my life. She doesn’t know this but our first lunch together was the catalyst for me getting this blog live! Fast forward, here we are today, on! 🙂

It’s been great to watch Jordan’s startup grow. I hope you all can also pull some inspiration from meeting her today! Do a little something you’ve been thinking about for some time now.

Thanks for sharing with us Jordan!

Follow Jordan on Instagram and her food blog! Buy Nola Bars here!

Photos taken with Nikon D40

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