Postcards from St. Barths

November 18, 2014

Dear friends, 

We’re loving every minute we get to spend here in St. Barths for the second part of our Babymoon! Wishing you were here. I now see what all the fuss is about. From the gorgeous beaches, there are so many, to the charming town, we’re in love. Please do try to come see for yourself soon! I couldn’t pick out my favorite postcard to send, so here are a bunch!

2014-11-16 06.13.24

It’s rare for me to want to re-visit a place more than once at least until we’ve traveled to all the places on our wish list. But St. Barths is one of those places (FYI the only other places I’ve ever loved so much to come back again soon was Tulum and Paris). I wanted time to stop while we were in St. Barths. There are dreamy yachts, lush mountains, beautiful rock formations, and even a beach covered by sea shells!

st barths mimitoday

Mini Milan is having the time of her life too on this babymoon. She may not be able to see with her own eyes yet but I bet she’s felt the sun shine through my belly and into the womb. Every night she sleeps soundly. I even got her a souvenir. Mini Milan’s trying all sorts of food here in St. Barths since I share  every bite I’m experiencing. I’ll have to take her back to Bonito restaurant one day for their dulce de leche dessert!

Her favorite activity may be swimming with me in the crystal clear waters.  She’s already just like daddy! 🙂 When daddy holds us up and we’re floating, she pokes out from my belly and makes my bump into a cone shape! It’s the weirdest but coolest thing ever.  One friend compared our favorite beach, Colombier Beach,  to an “endless swimming pool”. I would have to agree! It’s hidden and entrapped between mountains so you have to hike to get there. It’s also known as Rockerfeller Beach because the Rockerfellers have a home at the top of that mountain.

colombier mimitoday

Our hotel, Hotel Taiwana, on Flammands Beach, is near Colombier Beach. It is a quiet and chic new hotel tucked away from the center of town but it’s only 8 minutes by car. The staff is sweet and attentive.

We decided to rent a car to explore the town. We recommend this! It’s so fun driving around the winding roads and checking out the other side of the island. The two sides have different offerings. One of the favorite beaches people talk about is Saline Beach. On our visit, we walked into a Victoria Secret model photoshoot!

If you’re thinking about St. Barths soon, know when it is peak time. St. Barths starts revving up mid November. Starting in December everything is AT LEAST double the price and with little hotel options, booking ahead is a must.  Also, everything is in Euros here. Glad the dollar is holding up to the Euro (not by much though).  I hear that The Gates, Matt Damon, Paul McCartney and so on bring their families here for those times so there may be lots of competition. Fun fact: there are only 33 taxis on the entire island.

sandals mimitoday

We hope to see you soon when we’re back in the states, tanned and relaxed. Miss you guys! Say hello to everyone for us. 


Love Team Milan and #MiniMilanComingSoon

 Mailed from the desk of Mimi Today.


Photos taken with iPhone 5S, 6 and Nikon D40


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