Storybook Baby Shower Inspiration

I’m sharing photos from my desk today of #MiniMilanComingSoon’s recent baby shower hosted by my best friends! Get DIY recipes, learn how to make a fun raindrop photobooth station, plus more!

The Fantastic 4 Librarians

Many many many thanks to our friends for being hostesses with the mostest! My husband and I were completely blown away at our baby shower. The details, decor, style, and everything was so dreamy and creative! Our family couldn’t have been any luckier that day to be showered by hometown friends in Houston, TX.  The vision was a masterpiece put together by Tien (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know she’s my fashionista supermom bestie with 4 boys of her own!). I remember how excited she was to find out our baby’s gender at the end of August to begin planning the baby shower! She was not kidding when she said she had a lot of work in store for her.

mimitoday babyshower

My best friends joked with me about my “guidelines” for the shower because they knew I had specific tastes and wanted to give me the best shower ever.  At one point my girlfriend Bo (character development- of the group she’s like a Wikipedia home birthing, new crunchy mom, formerly known as a ball busting residential real estate sales woman) half jokingly asked if I wanted to make a vision board for them. Bo just had moved into her gorgeous new home where the shower was hosted. It was the perfect venue as they knew I loved outdoor events! I’m sure I’m one of the rare humans that would make design demands requests for her own baby shower but I couldn’t help myself when Tien asked what I didn’t like so that she could get an idea (she probably regretted asking afterward):

“No chevron, no frills, no tassels or banners, no tutus, no pink unless it’s used sparingly in the shade of blush, no stripe straws, neutral, no baby name announcement…”

(am I missing anything, Tien? Lol :p )

Then there was my sister. What’s a team without good support and assistance. She’s that person that’s down to do anything and everything. Given that she is the tallest of the group, her height comes in handy for hanging and moving anything. And to top it all off, my childhood bestfriend Christine (known as the girl who always brings the party to the party) will no doubt have cases of champagne, liquor, or wine stocked in the trunk of her car and food relationships you’d envy since she’s a Spirits sales manager.  Tien enlisted some other beautiful beings to help her with crafting such as her husband (what a man!). I guess the saying,

“It takes a village to raise a child welcome a child” is so true. 🙂

Thank you again to the most wonderful friends and hostesses for making this a special memory for our first baby.

The Theme: Storybook

I had no idea what was in store when they surprised my husband and I the day of the shower. This is what they came up with! Tien told me she couldn’t decide which one theme to do at first and had so many ideas that she “became greedy!” I loved how she incorporated some of my favorite prints like black and white stripes and polka dots! It reminded me a bit of our wedding!

  • Dessert table: Peter the Rabbit
  • Table 1: Mary Poppins
  • Table 2: Velveteen Rabbit
  • Table 3: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Serving Food: Tacos anyone?

This is probably one of the most cheap and delicious ways to fill your guests! Friends who came were delighted they got to satisfy their bellies while downing champagne and fancy water (just add fruits and cucumbers).

How Tos:

Most of the items and desserts were DIY crafted and florals were arranged by the Fantastic 4 themselves. Can you believe it??? I had to suggest that they think about going into business together because for not doing this as a professional career, they sure had many beat! It was one of the most original and beautiful baby shower ideas (side note: they’ve declined and said they are #NotForHire)! I loved every bit of it. Walking through it felt as if I was transported back to those stories as a child myself. I kept some of the pieces and shipped it back to SF for the baby’s nursery.

In the most humbled and blessed way I can express- Mini Milan is a lucky baby. I can’t wait for her to meet her adored aunties.

Click and save any of these directions to try!

  • The Shower Selfie Station! Get it, Baby Shower….
  • Nut-free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  •  The Very Hungry Caterpillar (did you notice the fruits with the DIY holes in it from photos above?!)

mimitoday babyshower 14

Where to shop / Vendors:

A few places to consider are Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Michael’s (for crafts), Walmart, Party City, Anthropologie, Ebay, H.E.B. (flowers) SCF Events (our friend owns a floral company in Houston, TX and was generous in ordering the unique variety of flowers you see in the photos), Etsy. Other items were found, recycled, and upcycled from the hostesses’ homes! The cake was an original creation by Bake and Beyond bakery in Houston, TX. As for what I wore? Remember when I was still deciding

I hope you found some inspiration for your next event! Thank you for letting me share this intimate moment in my life!

Photos taken with Nikon D40, iPhone 6

Canon Powershot S100 by Chi Nguyen (editing by me)

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