Surf’s Up in Kauai Hawaii

The great thing about being on the West Coast is that Hawaii is just a quick flight away to an exotic beach destination.  I guess it’s a great thing to take advantage of after you move to the west coast, right? I had never been to Hawaii before and with President’s weekend falling on our 5 year anniversary, it seemed like a great choice for us.  There was only one small challenge in preparing for our trip…


Our belongings were still in storage until our place in San Francisco was complete. On my desk was to find the perfect (last minute) resort wear for my husband and me. I didn’t want to spend too much on it and we booked this trip last minute, so ordering online was not an option. Luckily the most important garment, our swimsuits, we had packed in our carry-ons when we had moved! Tip: Always keep a spare suit in your lingerie compartment.

How to pack last minute for Hawaii?


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I’m sharing one of my super shopping secrets- Goodwill. If you’re ever in a sticky situation with “nothing to wear”, this option may help you spruce up your resort wear. Many people think that Goodwill is only for dropping off unwanted clothes. If you have patience, you can also find treasures, for cheap. I messaged one of my bestfriends that I had found a solution to my small predicament. She laughed with disbelief that I would sort through Goodwill, nor find anything for the trip.  She texted me a final,

“Good luck!”


Luck indeed was on my side! My favorite piece was this pink vintage Hawaiian gown I found. Another tip is to hit any other discount shopping store like Marshalls or Nordstrom Rack. I was on the hunt for throw away sneakers for hiking.

Score Card

  • Face wipes, super soft tee, cutoff shorts, and cute overalls, $50 @ Target
  • Hawaiian Tops from the kids and mens section $7 each @ Goodwill
  • Evening Hawaiian vintage pink gown $8.50 @ Goodwill
  • Yellow espadrille slip ons $6 @ Goodwill
  • Vans floral sneakers (so Hawaii!) $19 @ Nordstrom Rack
  • Sundress $20 @ Marshalls


Off we went!

72 hours in Hawaii was just the perfect amount of time to experience what this glorious and lush place had to offer.

Things to do

Kauai in February isn’t the best time to go as it’s part of their rainy season but we were willing to work around that. The option just meant less beach tanning for us which was was totally fine since surfing was our focus. There’s no place better to learn how to surf for your first time than Hanalei Bay! Our instructor was telling me that Kauai life is simple- surfing and chilling. Many young guys will become surf instructors or follow in their parents footsteps as farmers and hunters. Yes, they still hunt with their bare hands (wild boars) here in Kauai!

I’m not sure if it’s because I had an awesome surfing instructor (he was cute too, how cliche) or because I was a former gymnast, but I did well.  Getting up and doing a few runs was not a problem for me. My husband was extremely impressed! Check out our school if you’re looking for lessons on your next trip to Kauai!

The weather cooperated enough for us to take a helicopter ride. The entire island from above was breathtaking. I gasped as we flew over ever bit of Kauai. My highlight was the Jurassic Park waterfall! I captured most of it on my Instagram.


One of the best things about Kauai are your 360 views of the mountains. Even with the fog that set over, it was beautiful to me. Toward the end of the trip we were able to steal a few hours of glorious beach time and enjoy the waters. The landscape is unreal!

Where to stay in Kauai

There were limited options on this small island, depending on if you stay in the north or south. We decided to stay on the North because we read many reviews which pointed us in that direction. The location also seemed to be great for exploration and surfing. One of the most popular hotels on the island is The St. Regis Princeville Resort. Here are some other reviews for hotels.

What to eat (North side of the island)

  • Postcards Cafe (omg so good!)
  • Bar Acuda (very trendy cool)
  • Mexican food (so many spots, just ask– funny thing this is very good and popular)
  • Hanalei Dolphin

On our last day, we sat on the beach and looked out at the mountains, the ones that hid behind clouds before. They now stood like statues in the distance with the sun shining over. We were glad we went for it and did this last minute trip. There was a second when we had hesitation and then buyers remorse.  The weather was a concern for obvious reasons. In the end we made the best of this trip.  The rain could have dampened our plans, but we kept a positive attitude the entire time. My husband is GREAT at that always.

PS: I want to wish my husband the happiest anniversary! 5 years ago this time we made it official, we started going steady! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our desk for the weekend! Wishing you all some Aloha time!

Photos taken on Nikon D40

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