Postcards from St. Barths

November 18, 2014

Dear friends, 

We’re loving every minute we get to spend here in St. Barths for the second part of our Babymoon! Wishing you were here. I now see what all the fuss is about. From the gorgeous beaches, there are so many, to the charming town, we’re in love. Please do try to come see for yourself soon! I couldn’t pick out my favorite postcard to send, so here are a bunch!

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Perched atop Malibu Bliss

WTF is up with all this “glamping” glamour people are talking about? I want to know why someone would subject themselves to no plumbing and no wifi. I figured I’d test this experiment out in Malibu, California. On my desk today, I’ll share the place I stumbled upon perched on a high (maybe the highest) peak in Malibu! Let’s go glamping people!

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Surf’s Up in Kauai Hawaii

The great thing about being on the West Coast is that Hawaii is just a quick flight away to an exotic beach destination.  I guess it’s a great thing to take advantage of after you move to the west coast, right? I had never been to Hawaii before and with President’s weekend falling on our 5 year anniversary, it seemed like a great choice for us.  There was only one small challenge in preparing for our trip…

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