The Best Smoked Salmon Salad

Thank you to my girlfriend, Tyann Jackson, for teaching me this recipe. I observed her one morning making this salad for us to share. OMG, she was lucky I didn’t eat it all. I have now found an absolute go-to favorite! I can live off only eating this salad for days and let me mention that salads were never my thing before.

This salad is built with colors and textures. Simply buy a bag of organic baby spring salad mix or herb salad mix and sliced wild smoked salmon to start. Usually 3 large slices (it’s already done for you in a package) will fill a hearty 1 serving salad bowl. Sprinkle dry dill, fresh lemon juice, and pepper to flavor it. Note, in my recipe I said 1 garlic clove if you wish, but not a large one, a very small one. Compare it to my photo below. And the dressing, it’s really to taste. I’ve never measured it out! I’m sure you’ll figure out what combo works for you with the three simple ingredients.

photo 3

Here’s the rest of the recipe to complete the salad, there’s no magic to it and you can make it extremely fast! Psst, all ingredients can be purchased at Trader Joe’s.

Photos taken with iPhone 5s


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