The North, The North

What to do in the North Coast? Avoid stepping on cow dung while admiring the magnificent natural beauty this coast has to offer. Trails line the edge of the land while cows graze in peace. I know that cow dung and fresh air sounds like a weird mix, like pairing silver and gold accessories (news flash it works), but you will find it harmoniously cohabiting in the North Coast. Just watch where you step.



The air is so fresh so you won’t smell or feel anything other than uncut wild grass, dewiness from the ocean water smashing against the Stornetta rock formations, and strong winds pushing you over. If you keep walking along the trail, you’ll soon find yourself in front of a massive structure, The Point Arena Lighthouse.

Up there, at the top of 145 steps, the freshest of fresh air in the West Coast lives.

Hang out long enough on this coast and you’ll watch whales spouting in the ocean. There were no whales for us to see this time around, especially with the heavy fog that set in.

My husband and I continued to walk the long trails to explore this beautiful land. We literally felt as if we had walked to the edge of the earth. We were at peace and happy to discover the unique landscape from mountains to rocks to bush to forest to beach. At Bowling Ball Beach (it’s not hard to guess why its named that) we watched a magnificent and blinding sunset!

The town is mighty small with only about 700 people in population (that’s smaller than my high school graduating class) and 3 places available for dinner. Make sure to note which restaurants close on Sundays! For more dinner options try Mendocino County  or spend a day there try your luck at vintage shopping. One thing to note is the drive to Mendocino County at night is dark and suspenseful. We had 3 deer jump through the road in front of us on our drive home!

If you decide to visit The North Coast, have expectations for a weekend getaway that yields little to no technology distractions.  You will spend your time watching sunrises and sunsets (each time like it’s the first time all over again), finish that book you’ve been wanting to finish, and toast your toes by a fire you’ve made.  My husband and I were happy to disconnect from technology. It was easier than I thought to give my husband 100% of my attention. 🙂


Looking back at these photos makes me miss our weekend. It’s important for me to have quality time with my husband. I often hear that couples will get caught up in their daily routines, especially when kids come into the picture, and forget to give each other the attention needed to sustain a marriage. We’ve made getaways like this one a priority in our marraige to maintain our intimacy. Even though we’re pretty early on in our marriage, it’s never too late to start and practice makes perfect, right?

On our last night, we sat in our cute and tiny nautical themed room, sharing a bottle of wine with a sea salt dark chocolate bar.  I divulged to my husband how helpful the weekend was in igniting creative juices for me! That was an unexpected outcome to this trip.  The concept for this blog (or lack thereof) had been nagging at me for quite some time.

I had known for awhile I wanted to start a blog but didn’t know about what.

My husband was ecstatic that I was feeling motivated again since the transition from New York. When I first started to plan this trip, I was trying to change my husband’s desk for the weekend. But in the end, I found a desk for myself.


To see where we stayed, check out my post on Mia, the innkeeper at The Coast Guard Inn.

We would love any other recommendations for a West Coast weekend trip! Thank you!

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Photos taken with Nikon D40

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