Traveling to Anguilla, BWI

Our babymoon would be the last big trip for the year. We chose two destinations in the Caribbean to bask my bump. Our first stop was Anguilla. I’ve made a round up post on my Top 10 Reasons why you should NOT visit Anguilla.

Reason #1

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you would rather be exploring a noisy and polluted city instead of relaxing by the beach and pool at The Viceroy resort. I know it’s hard to step away from your emails, wifi cafes, screaming co-workers, and loud cars honking at you to cross the street faster. This would not be the place to keep your daily routine going. You will only have all the time in the world to read by the pool and sip on unlimited pina coladas without guilt.

Reason #2

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you want murky waters and rocky beaches. The sand here is soft and white and the water is clear blue. Maybe not the clearest in the world, so maybe you may want to still keep Anguilla in  your mind. The view is a sight for sore eyes- endless blue waters, live baby crabs running around, and no seaweed. Some ladies love detangling seaweed from their hair and ankles after a nice ocean swim. I remember going to Galveston Island every summer while growing up in Texas. One of my favorite memories was having to watch where I stepped on the beach because there were so many dead fish washed up ashore. That’s not the case in Anguilla.

2014-11-13 12.47.35

Reason #3

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you have nothing to celebrate like a babymoon or honeymoon because we know, especially in America, that the only reason to take vacation is because there is legitimate and traditional reason to pull you away from that 60+ hour a week job. Your boss probably will get suspicious of you if you decide to take a random vacation to Anguilla. No, this is not a place for you to feel like you deserve rest and relaxation as a human being. Studies show that if people recharge too many times it will throw the world’s equilibrium off and the Earth may fall off its axis.

2014-11-14 12.41.07

Reason #4

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you hate gorgeous sunsets. They happen everyday, unfortunately. And here at The Viceroy the sun sets perfectly over the infinity pool. How annoying. My husband decided after the first night he HAD to get front and center pool chaises for the next day’s setting.

Reason #5

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you hate resort food, seafood, jerk chicken, or Mexican food. There’s not much roaming outside of the resort you’re staying at since there is no town to explore. Near The Viceroy, we dined one night at the Mexican restaurant (5 minute walk) that made us so full and satisfied we couldn’t move. Just to note, the resort prices that people complain about and you should expect are still present in Anguilla. Although, the Mexican restaurant or beach cafe we found along the beach shore were the best deals!

Reason #6

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you are looking for an unsafe place to vacation. The people here are very nice and like I said before, there’s not much venturing out of the resort. The service at The Viceroy was excellent. To my surprise, the guests and staff did not gawk, throw stones, or feel offended that I wore a bikini with a growing bump. They congratulated me? Odd.

2014-11-13 12.00.37

Reason #7

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you do not like to take high speed boats across the ocean. Just a warning, it’s an amazing and beautiful quick 20 minute ride after landing from St. Martin Airport, if you’re into that kind of stuff…

photo (2)

Reason #8

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you want lots of crappy hotel options and are sick of hearing people tell you how great their experience at The Viceroy was when they visited.  The other hotel I was looking at was Malliouhaha but ended up going with The Viceroy. I don’t know why The Viceroy is the top rated resort in Anguilla except for that their service, decor, vibe, and location is awesome. Being a decor enthusiast, I was distracted to take notes on the envious details and design of the resort. Speaking of the vibe-  the other guests are part of that “cool” vibe. Think hip vs. hip replacement. Chances are you’ll talk to another person other than the staff or your mate. Be ready to not be antisocial or at least friendly to others since they’re being so friendly to you. My husband and I met a fun couple here that we had lunch and dinner with one day. We even exchanged emails with them.

Reason #9

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you do not like sunshine. I had to bring, not just one hat, but two! I mean one will work, but if you’re trying to have options, you will have to figure out how to pack two like I did. What a burden. Also, sunshine is soooo part of their culture that at The Viceroy, they have free sunscreen for you to protect your precious skin.

2014-11-13 10.56.22

Reason #10

Do NOT visit Anguilla if you do not want to wear a swimsuit or bikini or pack more than a carry-on suitcase. Packing is not fussy for these types of vacation. My list includes loose dresses in breathable fabrics, sun hats, one pair of beach sandals, a pair of dinner sandals, and my bikinis. For the entire babymoon, just a few dresses for dinner (no heels) to re-wear in both locations (St. Barths is next) was enough for me. I’m a light packer which makes my husband very happy.

2014-11-13 15.27.16

And then…. if you’re pregnant like me and have unforeseen extra baggage (ahem, your new full breasts), you may have more of a challenge when it comes to packing. I had a last minute emergency because none of my current bikini tops fit. Thinking I had it all under control with my backup plan, Target, I didn’t fret much and procrastinated until the night before to go pick up some new bikini tops. That plan would have been great until the store clerk let me know that swimsuits were not in season, therefore, not in stock. 

With time running out and nothing to wear, I became desperate and went to the intimates section. Plan C (always have a backup for the backup) was to find bras that I could wear as bikini tops with the bikini bottoms that I already owned. Once I removed the little lingerie bows, these bras were bikini ready. I mean that French lingerie look is so cute anyway. The best thing about this fashion hack? The bras happen to also be nursing bras! I didn’t know this until I came home and cut the tags! I will be using these ultra comfortable bras when the baby comes (I recommend these fashionable nursing bras by Gillian & O’Malley 🙂 )

photo (1)

Hat 1: Goorin Bros. (I added the red pom poms), Linen shirt: 110% Lino Hat 2: Zara, Dress: Vika Gazinskaya, Bikini top: Target, Bikini bottom leopard: Target, Bikini bottom black: American Apparel (check out my other #OOTDs)

I hope I’ve done a great job at warning you about Anguilla so that you may make an informed decision on where to go next! 🙂 Avoid Anguilla at all costs if the above reasons resonate with you. Hope you enjoyed this little escape today from my desk to yours! Don’t forget, to follow our adventures for the babymoon on IG search #miniMilanComingSoon.

To be continued, part II Babymoon in St. Barths. 

Photos taken with Nikon D40 and iPhone 5s

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