Weekly Round Up!

Five things this week I discovered for you! These things make life a little more delightful! From at home manicures to my unisex nursery idea to getting your baby to sleep within the first 8 weeks… 

1. A MimiToday at home manicure!

Sally Hansen #105 Bare It All Xtreme Wear nail lacquer for at home manicures and pedicures. Sometimes being at the salon is not an option and you need a quick fix or let’s say “budget” is the word for the week. This color will get you through the week and more. It’s classic, beautiful, and clean. To me, the perfect nude and it goes on smoothly. Apply two coats and add the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Top Coat. This is continued in my obsession with nudes for nails. 


2. A good tea time!

What would make the perfect tea time is delightful snacks with your warm pot of tea. Let’s take a cue from the Brits and French on this one and try my three favorite must have tea products.

(London) Fortum Masons’ Dried Strawberries. Just add a few of these to your tea cup plate as nibbles or drop them into your tea if you’d like for a fruity blend! Beware, extremely addicting (as all other things on here I’ll tell you about).

(London) Fortum Masons’ Lucifer’s Biscuits. On my husband’s recent trip, he surprised me with these and I’m totally in love! They have a spicy kick to them!!! If pastries and tea sandwiches aren’t on your list when having someone over for tea, pull out these biscuits. Add at least one to each tea cup and your guests will love you. Fortum has other offerings if you can’t handle the spice.

(Paris) Angelina’s Chocolate Tea. I am down to my last tea bag and so so so sad. I love this tea. It’s my FAVORITE tea flavor! If you ever visit Paris and go to Angelina’s Tea Room, buy these, and for me too! hehehe


3. Cute nursery decor idea! 

As I’ve been putting together #MiniMilanComingSoon’s nursery, I’ve come across a few cute ideas that I wanted to share! Here is a Moon and Stars theme perfect for either a baby boy or girl! This pillow was where the inspiration started and then I found this Night Light. My nursery idea will add a touch of whimsical and comfort for a neutral nursery. Here are some other pillow options.  Bed from Stokke, Prints from Etsy. Maybe I’ll save this idea for our next baby since I’ve almost finished Mini Milan’s!

nursery mimitoday moon and stars


4. Like Lululemon but NOT for sweating! 

Welcome Kit and Ace to the USA! I’m excited to discover this brand, created by the Lululemon founder’s family, for ready to wear basics. My favorite things about this brand are its minimal color palette of black, white, and grey and its luxury soft cashmere fabrics that are perfect for days when #basicbitch isn’t a bad thing. If you’re in San Francisco, casual and basic is the dress code anyway. I’m just super happy I still won’t have to resort to wearing Lululemon out now that Ace and Kit give me better options. They’re opening up retail stores in NYC next but find the SF store on Fillmore Street near Filbert Street.


5. How to get your baby to sleep! 

I’ve finished the “Baby Bible” as my best friend calls it, The Baby Whisperer. She used this method for all 4 of her boys and has suggested it to friends. It worked on her boys (and those that followed in her disciplined footsteps) getting them to sleep through the night at 6-8 weeks. I am now summarizing it for myself and husband. This is the only baby book I read (I don’t count Bringing Up Bebe, highly recommend too), for how-to or mommy training. I didn’t want to overindulge or overwhelm myself with too many books during my pregnancy because I’m sure there are a ship load full of books you can spend your time reading to “prepare”. Here’s to hoping my investment in this one book works! I could do trail and error but I rather just start on day 1 with a game plan. The thing is, I realized after finishing it and listening to other mothers’ experiences, you can’t pick and choose pieces of this book to do. It’s do the method or not. If you change the method, then expect you’ll have different outcomes than what she explains. This book comes with many many troubleshooting questions and answers for you too!  Has anyone else read and practiced this book?


 Tea time photos taken with Nikon D40

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