What’s in my bag?

What’s on my desk is what’s in my bag today. By bag I mean what I’ve packed in my hospital bag in preparation for #minimilancomingsoon.  I’m at 39 weeks and waiting. I figured this would be a helpful post if you’re pregnant. Feel free to use this visual list!


for me

Checklist for me: + shirt dress pajamas (comfort and style!) + pillows for extra comfort (sharing one with my husband) +pictures of the Maldives to go on the flat screen to get me into a relaxed mood + Jambox for soothing music (and maybe a dance party?!) + a soft cotton robe + foxy socks (these I actually have as a gift from a friend!) + slippers (hotel giveaways are the best. You don’t have to care about tossing them afterward!) + nursing bras (what else even fits these days?! ugh) + phone charger (not that I plan on doing any messaging or calling to be honest) + eye glasses (so I can see my baby when she comes out) + lip gloss, bb cream, and blush (simple post labor essentials to looking fresh and fabulous for the hospital departure! Don’t get carried away ladies.) + contact solution for my contact lenses (post labor photos!)


for us

Checklist for us: includes baby and husband! +my Medela breast pump (I’m also going to test out my TWIST while I’m at the hospital too) + baby’s car seat (properly installed! It’s required before we can be released at UCSF Hospital.) + SLR Camera for our first family photos + snacks to share pre / post birth (I know many blogs say go with sugar free items while you’re laboring but I don’t really care. I’m bringing them and we’ll just see what happens. My doula said bring whatever I want!) + coconut water for hydration!


for going home

Checklist for going home: For baby she will have + her going home outfit but in case she makes a mess in it before we get to the car, I’ve packed + a couple of extra onsies + swaddle blanket if you don’t want to use the freebie hospital one + flats for me with my outfit and + socks for baby! The hospital will also give you a mommy and baby starter kit so call a head of time to see what you may get. I’m going to just in case bring my diaper bag! PS: I mentioned to my husband to pack a going home outfit too 🙂

Did I forget anything?

If you’d like to see another checklist, try this simple one from The Bump! Good luck fellow mamas!

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