Work in Progress

And we’re home!

A little glimpse of some work we’re doing. Now that we’ve closed, received keys, and have come back from SxSW, we’re ready to dive into making this feel more like home.

First up, flooring.

As I mentioned before in my previous post, I wanted to save as much money as I could. Since I have time on my hands, I decided to contract a flooring company separate from the developer. This is an option for new construction if you don’t want to go with the developer’s upgrades in-house.

I got a few recommendations from friends that had before renovated their condo flooring. I priced out the labor costs and hardwood flooring we picked. The time estimate would be an extra 2 weeks. How much did we save in comparison to the developer’s pricing (which would have had it delivered completed when we got the keys)?

$8,000 savings.

I am extremely pleased with end result. I LOVE our new floors and the craftsmanship was great! The look I envisioned was dark and with a hint of rustic (not glossy and grains of the wood visible) because I wanted to balance the modernism of the condo design. I think mating styles is my thang (evidence: our wedding!). My husband was at first worried when I mentioned dark floors because he had heard

“dark wood will make the space look smaller”

but I disagreed based on our condo having a lot of light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, an open floor plan, and 9 foot ceilings.

I’m glad I was right and it turned out better than we expected.

Next up on my desk, furnishing this place! We have zero furniture, only our clothes and kitchenware!

Photos taken with iPhone5s

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